COVID-19 Response

June 1, 2020



Dear Campers and Staff & Family of Campers,


Every year at Arrowhead we aim to provide a safe, fun, and accessible camp experience for everyone. Those are our non-negotiables; if you remove any one of them, camp stops being camp! The safety of our campers is our highest priority, so we have been hard at work enhancing our protective oversight plan in accordance with the standards set by state and federal regulations. Unfortunately with gathering restrictions, hygiene policies, and the unknowns that come with serving people from all over the northeast region, it is not possible to maintain our high level of safety and excellence this summer. So it is with a confident, but heavy heart that we are cancelling the remainder of our Summer Shepherds Camp programming. For those of you who have made payments I am happy to provide a full refund, forward the balance to a future camp session, or put the funds towards purchasing Camp in a Box!


However, we have a plan to save the summer! I am excited to provide that camp experience in two new ways: the Shepherds Campground and Camp in a Box! Campers along with care providers can sign up for the Shepherds Campground to enjoy exclusive use of our facilities and grounds. Come drive pedal carts, swim in the lake, or relax on the swings to your heart’s content. If you’re unable to make the day trip to camp, let us come to you! Filled with Arrowhead 75th anniversary gear, crafts, personalized items and much, much more, Camp in a Box is the Shepherds Camp experience delivered right to your doorstep. Please check out our website at for more details!




 Jack Lightbody

Program Manager

phone: 570.663.2419

fax: 570.663.2903