Fall- Winter- Spring Camp Sessions

Fall, Winter, Spring

Our unique Fall, Winter, and Spring sessions are available to all current and new campers with developmental disabilities, including 1:1 campers who require individualized care. They include the classic camp activities in a new season.

Because our FWS sessions allow for a more select number of attendees compared to the full attendance of the summer camp sessions, we have new opportunities to personalize each day's program activities. Our Fall, Winter, and Spring sessions provide the opportunity for us to come alongside you and your son, daughter, client, or consumer to encourage and enhance growth in their independent living skills through their current ILST plans.

We are excited to watch the leaves change colors, sit by the fireplace with cocoa in the lodge, or head out for a walk in the spring air. We now have three new seasons to experience Shepherds Camp, let’s enjoy them together. Ready to sign up? 

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Find us @Shepherdscamp