meet our students

  • gideon bias '19-'20

    Gideon decided to join TLI after serving on James Project for many years. He has come to Arrowhead to work towards his dream job of being a fiction writer, using our unique ministry framework as a catalyst. The class he's most looking forward to is Developing Dynamic Teams. His goal at the end of The Launch Initiative is to come out a stronger Christian, skilled human, and smart adult.

  • noah branyan '19-'20

    Noah Branyan is from York, Pennsylvania and graduated high school in 2019. He choose to be apart of Arrowhead's gap year program because he wants to find God's purpose for himself. Currently, he is working towards starting a business for his freelancing videography. He is hoping for the personal finance class to guide him along this process. Additionally, Noah is extremely excited to learn about God and His Word all throughout the year. There will be many opportunities for learning through classes and mentors. He is hoping to use all these resources to find his passion and purpose.

  • lindsey flemmens '19-'20

    Lindsey Flemmens decided to take a gap year after realizing she did not want to begin college with an undecided major. After serving on James Project for a summer, TLI was the natural next step. She's looking forward to gaining life experience and training through the programs and classes this year, especially Bible Survey and leading as James Project Coordinator. Her goal at the end of The Launch Initiative is to develop skill sets that will set her up for success in her next steps.

  • ruth hall '19-'20

    Ruth Hall grew up just down the road from Arrowhead Bible Camp and has loved serving there for the past two summers. She took two years of traditional college classes, but she realized that TLI was a unique opportunity to love and serve others while working towards her degree in Special Education. Excitedly, she is looking forward to working and learning with her fellow students.

    Ruth is particularly interested in the Dynamics of Discipleship class. In today's society, discipleship and mentorship are sadly lacking and Ruth desires to seek personal discipleship and learn how to be a good mentor. She is thankful for the emphasis on discipleship that she finds in The Launch initiative at Arrowhead.

    Ultimately, Ruth wants to gain ministry and life experience that she could not have gained in a traditional four-year college. In the future, Ruth wants to continue ministering to people with disabilities and is looking to be involved in therapeutic riding. 

  • jenna hottenstein '19-'20

    Jenna Hottenstein is from Lancaster, Pennsylvania. She fell in love with Shepherds Camp when she came on James Project during the summer of 2017. After that, she never had plans to return... but, during her senior year of high school, she knew God was guiding her to choose TLI. She is beyond excited to use Shepherds Camp to launch her passion for ministry and missions. The class she is most looking forward to is Bible Survey. She can’t wait to grow and be challenged in many areas of life. After TLI, she plans to pursue going overseas on the mission field, but is open to and excited for wherever God may guide her. 

  • emma dyke '18-'19

    Emma Dyke is from Red Lion, Pennsylvania and has been a part of Arrowhead's ministry for 4 years. It was only natural that she'd join us for the Launch Initiative after graduation! She began her year here excited to use Shepherds Camp to launch her passion for service and care and was excited to learn more about camp ministry and the therapy fields.

    Throughout The Launch Initiative she has learned about leadership and discipleship among a multitude of other things. She has developed a passion for leading others, which was a skill she did not realize she had. Because of TLI, she has had the opportunity to practice leadership as she learned about it in the classroom setting. She learned so much about herself throughout the program and developed a clearer understanding of both areas that need growth and focus, as well as areas of strength. She has found further clarity in her unknown future through the opportunities TLI presented, and is planning to attend Lancaster Bible College to study Leadership and Disability in 2020.

  • selena gerlach '18-'19

    Selena Gerlach came to Arrowhead from Lancaster, PA. She graduated high school in May of 2018, and is excited to be a part of Arrowhead’s gap year program because it has given her the opportunity to gain ministry and life experience, serve and care for others, and grow in her faith. She is pursuing a nursing degree after her gap year, and is thankful for the ways Shepherds Camp and The Launch Initiative have prepared her for that; specifically how it has grown her in leadership, confidence, teamwork, and love for God and His Word. It also gave her the ability to decide on pursuing her Bachelor's in Nursing, and ignited in her the passion for nursing and how she will be able to use her knowledge to care for people in practical ways.

  • karis ritchey '18-'19

    Karis Ritchey is from Lancaster, Pennsylvania. She came to Arrowhead to work towards nursing using our unique ministry framework as a catalyst. She was especially looking forward to gaining life experience and training through the programs and classes through her year. Her goal at the end of The Launch Initiative was to have a clearer picture of where and what God wants her to pursue.

    After pursuing several shadowing opportunities, she discovered that nursing wasn’t the route she wanted to take. Nevertheless, she was grateful for TLI’s encouragement to chase after opportunities because they showed her how valuable experience can be. Over the course of her second TLI semester, she found a love for small business and has now begun the process of creating her own art business. TLI pushed to cultivate this interest by surrounding her with valuable resources and an abundance of learning opportunities from business to life and leadership skills. Through their unique approach to college, they allowed her to get a jump start on her budding dream and take actionable steps in the right direction.