Leadership in disabilities PROGRAM

Arrowhead Bible Camp is excited to announce a new program beginning the fall of 2022 – Leadership in Disabilities (LID). We would be thrilled to have you consider joining the LID Program and making an incredible impact on the front-lines of our ministry.

The LID Program vision is to train and disciple a new generation of leaders with the confidence, character, and competence to serve with excellence in the field of disabilities; skilled to work and lead in ministry, business, and the primary physical care of others.

LID Program Info

College Courses

The LID Program will begin in September 2022. LID students are encouraged to commit to at least one year of educational service and are welcome to serve indefinitely. Arrowhead is partnering with Anchor Christian University (ACU) to provide three 3-credit college courses. The courses will be experience based, utilizing Shepherds Camp programming as the basis for course work. The program is divided into three semesters each year (Spring, Summer, and Fall). LID students will engage in one course each semester.

student roles

LID students will be responsible for working alongside the Program Manager and Operations Manager to design, develop, and implement Shepherds Camp programming throughout the year. LID students will serve in the areas of counseling, program, food service, and administration. The LID Program calendar consists of planning weeks, program weeks, and time off throughout the year.


Thank you for your interest in the Leadership in Disabilities Program!

For more details and information on the program, please contact Ben, Camp Director, by phone or email:

570.663.2419 | bkarrowhead@gmail.com