LID Program

Leadership in Disabilities 

 Live and serve at camp in a community created for you to know God more,

understand how He has designed you, and how to move forward in life. 

LID Program

The LID program is an intensive experience-based program that invites young adults to live and serve onsite at Arrowhead Bible Camp. During their time in the program, LID staff develop a one to three year life plan. Utilizing our Shepherds Camp programming and through intensive discipleship, leadership training, and personal & professional development - LID staff develop their skills and abilities as they are equipped to know God more and serve with excellence.

College Courses

Young adults who are ready to launch into their next steps as they follow God can join the LID Program at any time. LID staff are encouraged to commit to at least one year of educational service and are welcome to serve indefinitely. Arrowhead is partnering with Anchor Christian University (ACU) to provide three 3-credit college courses. The courses are experience based, utilizing our Shepherds Camp programming as the basis for course work. The program is divided into three semesters each year (Spring, Summer, and Fall). Arrowhead is also willing and able to work with you if you are taking college courses not through ACU. We want to meet you where you are then grow with you.

Get Unstuck

The future is scary.  We all ask, “Do I have what it takes?  How do I know which path to take?  Will someone be there with me?” We have a community that is designed for you to know God more, understand how He has designed you, and how to move forward in life. We provide a staff that is passionate about discipleship and focused on your spiritual formation & growth. We give the opportunity to not just learn how to do camp, but also how to do life. Arrowhead can also help you discover a plan for your future with real life results that start now. Connect with us to get unstuck and find your path forward.

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