Shepherds Camp is back in session. We are excited to provide the unforgettable experience of camp with Shepherds Camp Fall Activities! It is the safe, fun, accessible way to get out of the house and get back to camp.

  • Each camper can bring a Parent or Care Provider - for FREE.
  • Parent or Care Provider - will provide primary care & help with distancing/hygiene.
  • Camp Staff - will host & facilitate activities, while monitoring health & safety.
  • Call or email us to RSVP for Fall Activities, so we can plan to have fun & be healthy.
  • Pick and choose which activities you attend. Choose one. Choose a few. Choose them all.
  • Come for the fun or just relax, see your friends, and hangout.

To RSVP - call: 570.663.2419 or email

Join us this fall


Cost (per activity):

Camper & Plus One: $20

Additional Attendees: $5 each

Bad weather? No problem! Activities will be rescheduled so you don't miss out! Concerned about Social Distancing? No problem! Additional activities will be scheduled so we stay healthy and you don't miss out!

Check out our Fall Activity Calendar to find out which activities are FREE!

Want to know more about our activities? Check out our Fall Activity Details page.

Can't make it to Shepherds Camp Fall Activities? Let us bring Shepherds Camp to you with a Camp in a Box!