Nathan Smales Alumni '12-'16

“In 2012, God used this tiny camp in Brackney, Pennsylvania to completely change my life and put it together in a way far better than I could have ever imagined it. I have learned what it means to love with compassion and conviction those who are different than myself. I learned that you can walk in joy regardless of your life situation or circumstance.

Camp cultivated a love for individuals with developmental disabilities that has led to a passion stronger than any other I have ever known. I am now a foster dad to 14 boys with developmental disabilities in Hyderabad, India. I take care of their daily needs and make sure they are safe and loved as they deserve to be. Everyday is an adventure and camp has been such an essential
part of where I am today.”

Ellen Moore alumni '17

“To be honest, I still can't believe this next step in my life is a true one. I am about to embark on a journey to lead a therapy center for children who have special needs in rural Nicaragua.

Have I ever done anything like this before? Not really. Do I feel prepared? Nope. Do I know what to expect? Absolutely not. Hmm... Feels kind of like when I signed up to be Head Nurse at Shepherds Camp - and that was one of the best experiences of my professional career.

Working as a nurse at Shepherds Camp was one of the most challenging experiences. Anyone who has experienced camp should understand. Yet, at Arrowhead Bible Camp this past summer, God revealed to me the beauty of the human soul made in His image. I met so many beautiful people and I was challenged by my perception of the world. Jesus gave me a picture of humanity's spiritual reality. Spiritually, we are weak, disabled, delayed, misfit, and broken. Yet, in that condition, Jesus chose to give up His perfect life to have relationship with us. He chose us to love, care for, and heal - in our need. So many of the campers I interacted with had truer souls then many of the broken and lost I interact with everyday. I truly count it a privilege to love, serve, and learn from the individuals I will be working with in the 'different ability' community.”

EMMA DYKE alumni '17-'18

“Honestly, when God led me to Arrowhead in 2015 to serve on James Project, I was not thrilled about it. But within minutes of being there, I felt this sense of belonging and peace, and that is with me to this day.  Shepherds Camp has developed a passion in me for people, specifically those who have different needs than my own, that I would have never discovered if it was not for God’s persistent heart with me. It has taught me to love gently and deeply.
Now, I have not only spent two summers at Arrowhead on staff, but will be spending this upcoming school year doing their gap year program: The Launch Initiative!

I never would have imagined myself here when I graduated high school, but here I am; and I could not be more thankful that God’s plans are far greater than anything I could dream. My time at Arrowhead is not over and it will continue to impact my life in every positive way possible. It’s taught me things that I can carry with me no matter where I go.
Loving people and serving people with a joyful heart is not a conditional thing.”

jack lightbody alumni '14-current

“I’m so blessed and excited that what started out as a summer job in 2014 has become my life! In September I came on full-time with Arrowhead as Program Manager and I am thrilled at what God is doing in my life and what He has in store for me. It’s crazy looking back at the road God has taken me down these past few years, but I wouldn’t have it any other way! I’m most looking forward to serving our campers, investing in our staff, and partnering with the care providers who trust us with their loved ones year after year.”